The Public Debt Management Office (PDMO) was established on 1st October 1999. The PDMO is made up of several departments from the Fiscal Policy Office (FPO) and from the Comptroller General Department (CGD). Establishing PDMO as a specialized entity overseeing public debt management operations was necessary in order to borrow and manage public debt in a more swift and efficient manner.

          To be internationally recognized as a leading organization in establishing and executing
strategies for issuing and managing public debt with regards to ultimate benefits of national interest
using practical, sound management as well as highly dynamic and well qualified personnel.

  1. Formulate policies, guidelines and public debt management strategies
  2. Oversee public debt management operations including borrowings by government, state owned enterprise, on-lending, both guaranteed and non-guaranteed debt. Manage debt in accordance to law and guidelines as well as monitoring and evaluation
  3. Prepare budget for debt repayment as well as management and execution of debt repayment
  4. Coordinate with International Financial Institutions (IFIs) on a policy level and planning
  5. Monitoring of financial markets including methodologies on public debt management as well as domestic bond market development
  6. Co-operate with credit rating agencies
  7. Development of risk management framework including early warning systems, public debt reports and data storage system
  8. Evaluate financing strategies and sources for major public infrastructure projects
  9. Development of Thai Consultant Database Center to be recognised regionally and internationally
  10. Monitoring and evaluation of economic and social development plans as well as international economic status and policies

  1. Pro-active Debt Management
  2. Domestic Bond Market Development
  3. Strategic Project Financing to support sustainable economic and social development
  4. Development of Information Technology Infrastructures

  1. Manage public debt to achieve low costs subject to acceptable risks (Strategy 1)
  2. Develop the domestic bond market to be one of the three main pillars of the financial market (Strategy 2)
  3. Evaluate and mobilize feasible funds to finance government’s infrastructure products (Strategy 3)
  4. Modernize Technology to support PDMO’s operations (Strategy 4)

Strategic Implementation Plan
  1. Pro-active Debt Management
  2. Development of the primary market in order to meet demands from investors
  3. Enhance liquidity in the secondary market
  4. Development of basic infrastructures of the domestic bond market
  5. Development of human capital capabilities
  6. Feasible funding sources for Infrastructure and public utilities projects
  7. Development of Information Technology

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